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June Brides

June Brides were one of my favourite bands - a distressingly brief flash of supreme brilliance in the mid-eighties. Their album "There are eight million stories" remains on my Top Five Absolutely Best Ever Albums Bar None... Ever!!! list. Probably. Up there, anyway, definitely in the Top 10 version, and not least because I still get the same immediate soul-wired-in feeling listening to it that I got when I first heard it. Beautiful jangly indie gorgeousness.

Anyway, for years I have been moaning, because the only version of the album I had was a rather chewed-up cassette, and I couldn't find another copy. But now, on a whim, because I had one of their songs playing in my head, I had another look, and I've found a CD released earlier this year (including all the 8 million stories tracks). And I am going to buy it. And I am going to listen to it at work. And I am going to dance and skip and be happy. Tra-la.
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